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Let's start by saying how much your business and the fact that you are taking time out to learn more about Isabella & what she does is appreciated. There is so many levels to what she can do and Here at California Love spells, There is so much  pride in our Reputation and the way we treat our clients! So If you have been having a hard time finding real genuine help from a Psychic, Witch or someone Spiritual or if you've hired others in the past that didn't do the job right then your in the right place! Take a look around this website and learn all you need to know on how you can start the rest of your life off on a positive foot!


Also Known AS California Psychic hELP

This Website is the new and improved version of California Psychic Help but with the same amazing service. Isabella Took so much time out to ensure that this new and revamped version came with new and exciting information about me and the business, Easy new ways to purchase my services, Schedule readings, book Phone Consultations & More...

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About Isabella


A little bit About me...

I may not look like it, but I am a witch that knows what she is doing! So whether your looking for guidance, for a reading or to create the life you've always desired.. You my friend, have come to the right place. After all, who couldn't use a little extra magic in there life! Lets get Started!

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Are you ready for a change? I hope so.. because with the help of Isabella here at California Love Spells, Change is what you get.


So don't waste your precious time and don't accept all the negativity and the unsolved problems & questions you have in your life!! Work with me, I can change these negative aspects of your life.. all you have to do is contact Isabella at California Love spells!

Why walk into the future blind, Start to open your eyes today and allow yourself to create the future you deserve!
— isaBella

Client Reviews

Don’t Take my word for it, Take theirs…

Our Loyal and awesome clients have taken the time out to write and send in these reviews. Read on and see what they all have to say.


fred, Las Vegas, nv

Hiring you was the best decision I ever made. She helped turn my life around. Isabella you are a miracle worker, My relationship problems with my girlfriend were, to put it lightly, Pretty damn bad. Now its a complete turn around and I couldn’t be happier.

california psychic help love spells reviews

– Sarah R. Ventura, Ca

Isabella was just amazing!! I can’t believe how much power this woman has! I hired her to cast a commitment spell and a marriage spell for me.. She told me how long it would take, explained the process and also stayed in contact with me through out the entire time I worked with her..

Her honesty is what made me so comfortable with her, she was very blunt at times and that is what I needed. With in just a few short weeks I was able to see the results of her hard work. I knew that it was her spells that made the truly “impossible”, possible..

Thanks Isabella, you changed my entire life. God bless you. You deserve all the happiness in the world.


Brad. Los Angeles, CA

Isabella was the first Psychic I ever seen and the only one I’ll ever go to from now on. I was always very afraid to get a reading because I was brought up believing that Psychics were evil. But one day I was driving, I wasn’t having a good day. I googled Psychics and found California Psychic Help & Spell Caster & I decided to call and ask the prices and see what it was all about. I made an appointment and when I went there, she answered the door I was shocked, first because she was so young looking and second because she was so inviting. She let me in, she asked me to take a seat and relax, she then went on to saying that there was nothing to be afraid of and that she is a big believer in God and Jesus Christ. She also explained that What she did wasn’t evil. It was as if she was reading my mind, and easing my fears one by one. 

She told me about the reading and the prices. I decided to go with the $55 Psychic Reading. I am not going to go into detail about what she told me but all I have to say is that this woman is amazingly fantastic! She opened my eyes to a lot of things and since my reading I have become a lot more intune with my intuition and guardian Angels. 

If you are having doubts about seeing a Psychic or getting a reading, Make an appointment with Isabella! She really did bring peace to my life. I plan to go back to see her in a month or so to follow up with another reading. Thanks so much! 


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