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Here you find an large range of our clients experiences with working with Isabella, there honest testimonials and reviews regarding her services, will give you peace of mind to you knowing that others have gone through similar situations and with Isabellas help, have been able to put their problems in the past. This is a true account of past and current clients experiences although some names have been changed to protect the clients privacy.


dec, 2001

Isabella was just amazing!! I can't believe how much power this woman has!

I hired her to cast a commitment spell and a marriage spell for me.. She told me how long it would take, explained the process and also stayed in contact with me through out the entire time I worked with her.. 

Her honesty is what made me so comfortable with her, she was very blunt at times and that is what I needed. 
With in just a few short weeks I was able to see the results of her hard work. I knew that it was her spells that made the truly "impossible", possible.. 

Thanks Isabella, you changed my entire life. God bless you. You deserve all the happiness in the world. 

Sarah R. 
Ventura, Ca.  

Feb, 2016

Isabella has a true gift and ability to help guide people on the right path. She has literally been spot on with all my readings! She was spot on with my career and my pregnancy! I highly recommend her!!
          Bakersfield, CA

June, 2012

Before going to Bell I was a big mess. I was conflicted with many problems and challenges which at the time I had no clue how to fix. I was at my lowest point in life, but I wanted that to change.I went to Bell in seek for help which I will never regret. Bell, has been a blessing in my life. The advice she gives is always right thus, she gives amazing guidance. Bell, is an amazing psychic and person she has helped me through all my problems and issues. Because of Bell my life has changed for the better. She is beautiful inside and out, she takes all her cases seriously and is by far the most accurate, straight to the point, extremely honest, kind hearted, and caring psychic in Bakersfield. I will always put my trust in Bell when I have a problem she is by far the best psychic I have ever been to. 
-Gabriela, Bakersfield. CA


MAY, 2018

Hi, my name is Linda. 
I called Isabella at the Bakersfield Psychic to have her cast a love spell on my boyfriend of three years. 
When I called she told me that she could help me but a love spell was not what I needed.
I have called many spell casters before and all of which told me that they would do it for me and that a love spell would work for my situation and the fact that she said no to a love spell was interesting to me especially because that's the highest priced spell out there...
Now she told me I needed a commitment spell. She said that is wasn't that he did not love or care for me but he was just too scared to commit. 
So I tried it out and I have to say she knows what she is talking about. It's just so amazing how she changed my relationship with my boyfriend and now my fiancé. 
We are getting married at the end of the year and I commit thank Isabella  enough. 
Thank you isn't good enough to describe how much I appreciate what she has done for me. 

Linda, Phoenix, AZ

Thank you so much for all your help! You have change my life.
Karen. H
— Denver, CO

SEP, 2015

Hey, my name is Dan. 
I called Isabella about a month ago and purchased a money spell & love spell. 
I have been very amazed with the results I've seen so far, so I have to say that I recommend her to everyone. 
When she says she is going to make something happen she does it! 
She has the power to back her up! 
This review is the least I could do for her.. 
Thanks Isabella 

Cleveland, OH. 

You are the best. Thank you Isabella
Michelle. H
— Roswell, NM

Hello there! I want to tell you the the date is set for the wedding! Omg I truly thank you!
Marc. L

August, 2018

Excellent, honest & accurate psychic. 
I decided to go to a psychic and I went searching on google for a place to try out in my area. I came across the Bakersfield's #1 psychic reader. I thought it would be worth a shot because of all the good reviews. 
I am a very sceptical type of person. I doubt everything and I've never been to a psychic or clairvoyant of any sort. So the reason for my wanting to go now was completely out of the blue and only because I was in need of some answers and guidence. Usually I would just get a friends advise but I figured this was a good shot to try this psychic thing out. 
So when I contacted her, (btw her name is Isabella) she had a sweet and inviting voice. She gave me the price list and explained each of her readings and services in detail. 
I had told her that this was my first time getting a reading and she said "don't worry, the stereo type so definitely not me!" she explained that she gave up front and honest answers and promised that once I'd come in I would feel right at home. 
Well I took a chance and went. I cannot say that I wasn't amazed and in shock. She was extremely accurate and let's just say she hit the head on the nail... 
I ask about a few basic things.. My love life, career, family etc. I didn't get basic info.. Lol
I just listened as she told me about things that no body could or did know. She went into detail about every subject she covered. 
She made a lot of new predictions and I have been keeping track of the ones that come true. It's truly a bit freaky on how much she knows. 
Several of her visions have already come true and it's only been a few short weeks since my visit with her 
It is the #1 place to go if your looking for a reading. 
After that day I wasn't a sceptic about psychics anymore and I can say I will very much be back to see her soon. 
I'd like to that Isabella again by writing this review and tell her how much I enjoyed and appreciated her reading and advise. 
Thanks bells. Your One in a million. 

         Bakersfield, Ca 

Had an amazing reading with Isabella, very insightful and a felt like we had a great connection. Not like all psychics and is wise beyond her years!
Lorain R.
— London, England UK

March, 2019

I started with Bella about a month and 5 days ago, so far its been an interesting difficult but learning experience. She has helped me immensely, guided me, given me strength clarity when I needed it the most. In a month alone I had to toughen up and overcome so much. Im slowly beginning to control my thoughts, my insecurities, doubts and fears. With Bella by my side I have managed to center myself and I now am able to believe. Not just in me, but in love, in energy, in the universe, in change. In that I have control of my own life and happiness. Bella helped me believe with her constant caring, pep talks, tough love, kindness, authenticity, determination and nonstop fighting to reach the ultimate goal. Soon with Bella by my side my goal shall also be reached. Can’t express how grateful I am for all that you’ve done so far for me. You’re amazing, thank you Bella. 🙏 🌙

Natalie w.

Isabella is amazing.  The first time I went to her was 7 years ago during the start of when my life was falling apart and was a total mess. I was going thru a nasty divorce and had other bad stuff going on right beside it. Isabella was such a welcoming and positive presence in my life when I needed her the most. She helped turn my life around and  removed all the negativity and hurt that people in my life had caused.  She gave me a timeline on when I would see things turn around for the better. I was a bit skeptical but at the same time felt I was in good hands.  She gave me daily instructions and advised me on what/what not to do. I had never gone to a psychic for help but I did as she directed. She was true to her word and I  started seeing my life turn around for the better and it was within her set timeline. She's in constant contact throughout the whole process and always keeping you informed on how things are going along and always with encouraging words.Of course things happen and she can't always answer a phone call,  we have all been there, but she has never left me hanging and will text me to apologize and to call at a specific time,  or she's the one calling me.  There was a time when I first went to her for help that I called  her at 5am because I was suffering a bit of anxiety due to being overwhelmed with all the chaos that was going on in my life  at the time. I didn't think she would answer since it was so early but she did. She talked with me and stayed on the line til she knew I was ok.  I remember her words " I got your back, I got this." She has been the only person I know who can calm me down when I'm in a funk.  I can list so many things I love about her,  but I'll be typing forever.  But what I love the most about her and why I put my trust in her is because she genuinely cares about you the person and isn't all about the money.  I  recently reconnected with Isabella after few years and had an emergency situation. Isabella knew my money situation at the moment, but she was her compassionate self and helped me anyway knowing and trusting me to pay her when I could.  She's amazing at what she can do and trust her when she says "I got your back. "

  • Debbie m.


Hi, how Are you? I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done to bring her back! The relationship is.. Wonderful! Thanks.
Phil. D
— Laguna Beach, CA

I just want to say that you are a miracle worker, we are completely in love and everything is so great!
Greg. W
Seattle, WA

I have been to many spells casters and none of which have giving result like you! Truly amazing
Emily. J
— Shoreline, WA

Truly thankful! My life is on the right track. For once lol! Keep in touch!
Charlie. S
— Chicago, IL


I first called Isabella at CaliforniaLoveSpells.com after I was looking around for someone that did white magic witch craft. 

I fount her site and called her right away. 
She was sweet kind and straight to the point. She made it very clear that she didn't want to waist her time or mine and she also made sure that I was serious about hiring her before she even took on my case.
After doing the evaluation She decided to help me but she did tell me that my situation was very difficult and that it was going to take a little bit longer to complete my spells but that it could be done..

I have never done this I was a little scared but she assured me that she would explain everything She was doing and how it wasn't a scary thing at all.. I am very happy that I decided to go through with everything because it really did change my life.

So she juts recently finished my case and I am very please with my results.. 
Don't even second guess about calling Isabella, she is just the best person I know! 
Thank you so much Isabella, for all you have changed in my life. I couldnt have asked for any more from you! 
I wish i could give you more than just a review but if you need anything else let me know asap! 

New Orleans, LA 

Bella Is a fantastic reader psychic. she is on point she’s honest straightforward and caring.
Thank you Channell S.
— Los Angeles, Ca

July, 2014

My experience with Isabella is one that I never would've believed until experiencing it for myself. I went to her for answers about my career. I was lost, never knew what I really wanted to do. So, my first visit was amazing, she knew and described things that blew my mind! That ONE visit led to many, many more (Lord knows I needed it).

Isabella worked with me every day for 5 months. She was very passionate about helping me and kept me motivated the whole time. In these 5 months, I have done a lot of growing and learning. I now have an open mind and a better understanding of myself and how powerful my thoughts and actions are. Oh, and yes, I KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO AS A CAREER NOW!

Isabella has become a great friend. I can't thank her enough for what I would describe as "saving my life"!

  • Sonia M.